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About Us

Burtis Construction Co., Inc., based in Yonkers, New York is currently engaged in the rehabilitation of bridges, and the construction of pumping stations and landfills, as well as the installation of bioremediation systems.

The staff of Burtis has over one hundred years of combined experience in diverse phases of the industry including all aspects of design and construction.

  • Burtis Construction incorporated in 1988 has just celebrated its 20th year of steady growth to become a leading professional construction organization.
  • Burtis Construction has grown steadily to become a leading professional construction organization.  With a wide range of in-house capabilities and services, Burtis Construction has successfully completed numerous bridge and reconstruction/rehabilitation, landfills, sewage treatment plants, highway reconstruction projects, and commercial and residential developments.
  • The staff of Burtis Construction Co., Inc. provides complete hands-on service ensuring the successful management of projects.  Our personnel work along with municipalities, state and city engineers and consultants on the earliest phases of developing feasible construction plans, and applying the methods of controlled constructive performance that results in a quality project.
  • At pre-construction and during all phases of construction, our project managers and superintendents provide construction input, cost evaluation, and recommendations to deter field problems.  Burtis Construction Co. Inc. routinely examines designs for constructibility and suggests alternative systems, materials and methods that contribute to reduced construction costs and time savings.